Dual Enrollment

BCS Dual Enrollment Program

Bethel offers additional school’s course offerings quickly and easily with dual enrollment through Alpha Omega Publications’ online academy. Dual enrollment allows students to be enrolled at Bethel Christian school while simultaneously taking courses through Alpha Omega Academy. The academy offers an assortment of courses and provides distance learning teachers, academic assistance, report cards, transcripts, and flexible enrollment to fit the individual needs of your students and Bethel. This Web-based curriculum can be accessed through any Internet connection and browser using a PC or Apple. (Licensed through the school).

The courses in the Web-based learning environment are aligned to the academic philosophy of Bethel Christian School and is the only approved learning environment currently accepted for Dual Enrollment. Students who apply for admission and who are accepted into Dual Enrollment must adhere to a contract that is collaboratively reviewed and signed by the student, parent/guardian and Administrator. The contract outlines the guidelines for participation in Dual Enrollment.

Student Eligibility, Admission, and Removal

  • Enrollment into the Dual Credit courses are used to expand the curriculum not replace courses currently being offered.
  • The program may be used if there is a schedule conflict where the student cannot be in the regular class for no additional cost.
  • Courses taken for additional learning opportunity would be an additional fee.
  • The parent/guardian and student must participate in an interview with the Administrator in order to review the program goals and requirements.
  • Withdrawal from Dual Enrollment is not allowed once the course has begun. The course is treated like a normal class. Excessive absences or tardies, disruptive behaviors, and/or abuse of technology privileges as outlined in the Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy may result in reduction of grade. No refunds will be given for any reason once the course is signed.

Awarding of Grades & Credits

  • Credit will only be awarded when students have completed all work satisfactorily.
  • Alpha Omega Academy will provide a transcript to be added to the student’s file.
  • Grades will follow Bethel’s academic standard
  • Students who are caught cheating will have their final grade reduced by one letter grade. A second incident of cheating will lead to the student’s removal from the program. No refund will be given.

Payment for Dual Enrollment

The cost of Dual Enrollment courses that are in addition to the standard curriculum at Bethel High School is due before classes start and is nonrefundable.

½ credit = $200.00


Courses for Dual Enrollment

  • The following regular core courses will be offered through Dual Enrollment:

Standard Courses

Algebra I English I-IV Biology World History
Algebra 2 Geometry Civics U.S. History
Pre Calc Physical Science Chemistry Physics
Bible I-IV Government Economics Spanish I,II

Expanded Courses

Basic French, I,II Small Business Entrepreneurship Essentials of Business
Fundamentals of Digital Media Family & Consumer Science Music Theory
Music Appreciation Business Computer Information Systems I-A, I-B Office Applications I, II