Tuition & Fees

Tutition Voucher

New families will recieve a $200 tutition voucher applied to next year tutition.

Registration/Enrollment Fee

New Families:

  • $50 through March 31st
  • $100 after April 1

Current Families:

  • $50 through March 31st
  • $100 after April 1st

Registration/Enrollment fees are non-refundable.  They are due by August 20.


Tuition Rates 2016-2017

Kindergarten (full-day): $3,295.00
Grades 1-6: $3,775.00
Grades 7-12: $4460.00

– Tuition includes book fees and high school lab fees

– Sports Fee:  $125/student; $200/family;                                                                                                                $175 Homeschool (one-time yearly fee)                                                                                                        Sports fees and physicals must be turned in before practice commences

Family Discount

(applicable to Kindergarten through 12th grade; does not apply to Preschool)

2nd Child: 10%
3rd Child: 20%
4th Child: 30%
5th Child: 40%

Referral Discount

 Any current family who recruits a new student/family will receive a $200 voucher applied to their tuition in the second semester.  The referred family must be enrolled for at least one semester for the discount to be applied.

Pastoral Discount

Pastor’s families receive a 15% discount

Financial Policies

Payment Requirements

All families shall be expected to make tuition payments according to one of the following payment options.  (Each family’s preferred manner of payment must be submitted each year at the time of student registration.)

Option 1: Full Payment

Single payment due on or before August 20, 2016.  A tuition reduction (determined annually by the School Board) would be applied.  This payment may be made directly to the school office or by BCS Automatic Payment Withdrawal completion of a BCS Automatic Payment Withdrawal agreement form to authorize the automatic single payment is required.  There is no additional charge for this service when choosing Option 1.

Option 2: Semi-Annual

Tuition may be paid in two installments:  50% by August 1 and January 15.  These payments may be made directly to the school office or by BCS Automatic Payment Withdrawal.  Completion of a BCS Automatic Payment Withdrawal agreement form to authorize the automatic single payment is required.

Option 3: 10 Monthly Payments 

Automatic bank payments (ACH) through your checking or savings account may be made on the 20th of each month (August through May).  Those choosing this plan will complete a BCS Automatic Payment Withdrawal agreement form to authorize the automatic monthly payments.

An annual $5.00 fee is required if Option 2 or Option 3 is chosen.  This fee is withdrawn from your account in August.

Note for Seniors:  Diploma will be released upon payment of all outstanding tuition and fees.

Late Payments and Penalties

  1. Full Payment. If payment is not received by August 10, the discounted rate of tuition will not apply; the family will be contacted by the Business Manager and an alternative tuition payment option will be offered.
  1. Semi-Annual. 50% by August 1 and January 15.  A $35.00 late fee will be assessed.
  1. Monthly Payments. Families who choose the 10 month payment plan and miss a payment due to insufficient funds, will be assessed a $20.00 NSF fee by BCS and may incur a fee from their financial institution.  The missed payment will be re-attempted by BCS within 7 days.  A $35.00 late fee will be assessed.

Delinquent Accounts

  1. No returning student shall be admitted to class in the Fall if unpaid bills remain from the previous year or if the registration fee has not been paid.
  1. Families who have missed two monthly payments and have not made suitable arrangements within 14 calendar days will be informed that their child(ren) will not be allowed to attend class until the arrangements are made.
  1. Any returned checks to Bethel Christian School may be charged a $20.00 fee. The Board reserves the right to require a cash basis if a chronic problem develops.
  1. Bethel Christian School considers all unpaid tuition accounts from past years due and payable. Collection will be pursued as the Board deems appropriate.

Refunds/Obligations for Early Withdrawal

If a student is withdrawn or dismissed from school, tuition will be due based upon the number of days in attendance.  Final grades will be recorded, and health and academic records will be transferred upon satisfaction of any outstanding tuition and fees.

Tuition Aid

  1. Limited tuition assistance is available to families demonstrating financial need. Pastors’ families receive a 15% discount. Applications for tuition assistance are available at the school office.  A $10.00 fee is payable to BCS.  All tuition aid requests must be received prior to June 30th to be considered.   A family must pay registration/re-enrollment fees before their Tuition Aid Application will be considered.
  2. The finder’s fee applies to any current family that refers a new family to Bethel Christian School regardless of number of students enrolled. The name of referral family must be noted on the new student’s application. Discount is conditional upon student remaining in school for at least one semester and is applied to the second semester balance.

The BCS board reserves the right to stop or alter any tuition discounts, grants or aid after its yearly review of finances.