Dual Enrollment For College Credit

Through the partnership of Bethel, University of Northwestern – St. Paul and Alpha Omega Academy’s fully accredited dual enrollment program, your students can earn high school and college credit simultaneously.

The program gives high school juniors and seniors a head start on their undergraduate degree by allowing them to enroll in online college courses at a discounted rate. Students who enroll in the program at the beginning of their junior year can earn up to two full years of college credit before ever setting foot on a college campus.

  • In conjunction with the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, AOA offers over 65 courses, preparing students for the rigors of higher education while learning from a Christian worldview.
  • Students save on college tuition. By avoiding room and board fees, students can earn up to two full years of college credit at a fraction of the cost of attending a private Christian college.
  • While still in high school, students can plan ahead to earn college credits that also satisfy your school’s graduation requirements.

Students who register for dual credit courses are enrolled both at Bethel Christian school and the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Students work directly with professors from the college to complete online courses. As a result, students who choose to participate in the dual credit program are held to the same academic standards as students at the university.

Courses offered online through Undergraduate Pathways are offered in independent study or online learning group formats. Internet access is required for all online courses. Courses are offered on a semester calendar basis. Students are expected to complete their courses in one semester.

To qualify for the program, students must hold junior or senior status, maintain a grade point average of 2.75 or higher, and meet minimum test scores (ACT/PLAN score of at least 18 or SAT score of at least 1200 or PSAT score of at least 120). For each four-credit college course students complete, they earn a full high school credit through AOA.


  • For fall semester (begins in August), all application materials must be received by July 15.
  • For spring semester (begins in January), all application materials must be received by December 15.
  • For summer semester (begins in May), all application materials must be received by April 15.


For more information contact the office